Our Story

Zen sushi has opened in Kruununhaka in 2004.
Since then, the restaurant has served traditional Japanese sushi with professionalism. The
owner changed in April 2018, continuing this tradition.
Zen sushi offers Japanese sushi and uses local ingredients whenever possible. Zen sushi
brings Kyoto’s modern small restaurant and bar culture to Finland, where the hosts and the
guests are close to each other.

The new owner, Yumi Sugano, has been with Zen sushi for over 8 years and has learned how
to run a restaurant from the previous owner. Yumi had worked in the restaurant industry for
about 15 years in Kyoto and Ashiya. There she learned traditional Japanese and European
cooking as well as serving drinks as a bartender. You can find more about Kyoto and Ashiya on
Yumi’s blog.

Yumi specializes in Japanese tea (Japanese tea advisor 2014-, Japan Tea Goodwill
Ambassador 2015-) and Japanese sake (Kikizakeshi / Japanese sake sommelier 20108-). Yumi
holds courses of Japanese food and beverages in Zen sushi and other places.


We use Finnish, organic and certificated ingredients as much as possible.

For example (you can see them in our menu):
Finnish: cucumber, lettuce, oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, sprout, lanttu, kale, sugar
Finnish & organic: carrot, egg
Organic: lemon, tahini
Certificated: prawn (ASC), scallop (MSC), boiled tuna (MSC), Japanese Yellowtail fish (FOS),
tuna (FOS)
WWF’s green list (non-certified) & Finnish fish: baltic herring, salmon roe, siika, kuha

Zen sushi

©2018 Zen sushi

Snellmaninkatu 16, 00170 Helsinki


Opening hours
Mon 11:00 – 15:00
Tue-Thu 11:00-19:00
Fri 11:00 – 20:00
Sat & Sun closed